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El Rápido Internacional bus
El Rápido Internacional company

El Rápido Internacional company: Information

El Rápido Internacional is a transport company that travels annually about 11.5 million kilometers, and transports annually to more than 750 thousand passengers. It is definitely one of the "heavyweights" of the transportation business in Argentina and its neighbouring countries.
The company has a modern fleet of buses, which provide an efficient, comfortable and safe service to improve customer satisfaction. The bus company connects Argentina from center to north, and provides international services to and from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Peru.

Executive Cama

Executive Cama service

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 150º
• Feet recliner / support
• Breakfast
• Pillows and blankets
• Heating and air-conditioning
• DVD and Mp3 players
• Extra wide seat
• Type of service: Ej: with on board meal Ex: without on board meal

Semi Cama

120º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 120º
• Feet recliner / support
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Video and music players
• Type of service: Sj: with on board meal Sc: without on board meal


Among the most frequented and important destinations of the company are: Mendoza, Tucumán, Salta, Pocitos, Buenos Aires, Río Cuarto, Neuquén, Rosario, Santiago del Estero, Cordoba, San Luis, San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca and Jujuy. It is important to mention that this company has a broad range of international destinations, such as Chile (the cities of Santiago de Chile and Viña del Mar), Uruguay (Montevideo) and Peru (Lima).