commercial terms

Commercial terms

1- The acquisition or purchase of a bus ticket from our portals: or implies for its acquirer or buyer, the full knowledge and acceptance of each and all of the conditions specified below, under all laws and regulations that are applicable.

2- Remember that once your online Ticket has been purchased, you must print out the Receipt or Voucher for your trip from the confirmation sent to the e-mail address provided, and present it at boarding time. No claims will be accepted at the bus’s door or Bus Terminal Agency.

3- As soon as you receive the e-mail confirmation of your ticket, you should check the date and time of travel, seat number assigned, as well as the price, category, type of service and destination terminal are as requested during your purchase. Once printed out and confirmed, the company will not accept any complaints once your ticket has been issued. If you find any discrepancies, please contact customer services immediately.

4- The ticket purchase entitles you to carry one (1) handbag and one (1) piece of luggage or package free of charge as long as it does not exceed 20 kg. / 44 pounds, as stipulated by Resolution 47/1995 ST. The passenger must consult at the Bus Company’s office located at the Bus Terminal for any additional fees that he/she may incur for luggage over the weight or dimensions stipulated by the Bus Line Company.

5- At the time of your online purchase, the particular Bus Company chosen for the trip will promp and display their own Terms and Conditions. You will need to read the Terms and Conditions, and must agree to them in order to go ahead with the payment. or are not resp|onsible or liable for any costs or damages, incurred by the traveler, caused by the delay in departure, arrival and/or trip interruptions caused due to unforeseeable circumstances, major disasters or weather conditions. or are online traders of services offered by Transportation companies, and are only responsible for the Tickets shown on their websites, the reservation of the passenger’s tickets with the Bus Line Company and the sale of their services.

7- DOCUMENTS: In the case of International Transportation Services going through Custom or Immigration processing, the passenger must comply with all the particular Government requirements related to Personal Documentation (Passport, Government ID, Minor Travel Authorization, etc.) required to travel through or enter their country, at the time of leaving or entering both countries. or are not responsible for expenses and/or inconveniences arising from the passenger’s lack of compliance with these requirements.

8- RETURN OR EXCHANGE OF ONLINE TICKETS: The tickets purchased through our Internet portals or or Ticket Online or VoyenBus Call Center, can be exchanged for a different day or departure time, or refunded to the form of payment used to buy the ticket online, less the penalties and charges that may apply due to cancelation. (Particular Terms and Conditions of the Bus Company selected may apply). Passengers must send an e-mail to request a refund or exchange, providing info of a new date, time and/or destination if applicable.


In both scenarios, exchange and refund, the following amount will be retained in full. Terms and Conditions of the Bus Company chosen for your trip may apply: • Up to 24 hours prior to departure, 30% penalty. • Between 24 hours and up to 48 hours prior to departure, 20% penalty. • More than 48 hours prior to departure, 10% penalty. The % retained will be applied to the total amount paid for the ticket less the booking fee. The credit or refund will be processed to the authorized credit card or electronic form of payment used at time of purchase. Be advised, NO CHANGES OR REFUNDS WILL BE PROCESSED OR ACCEPTED AT THE BUS AGENCY OR TERMINAL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. All exchanges or refunds will be accepted only up to 1 (one) hour before the Bus departure time, without any exceptions, by contacting our company to the e-mail provided above, or by calling the call centers of or . No returns will be accepted after the bus departure. Booking fee for returned tickets: Returned tickets have an additional charge, to be established based on the policy of the Bus Company selected.

9- All credit card or debit card transactions will be processed by INGENICO GROUP and the company name that will appear on your Credit Card or Bank Statement is “VOYENBUS OR VOYENBUS USA, LLC”, with the exceptions of the Credit cards or Debit cards issued by financial institutions in ARGENTINA and BRAZIL. These will be processed and authorized by INGENICO GROUP Argentina S.A. and INGENICO GROUP BRASIL. Ingenico provides gateway services and Credit Card Payment Processing. Your online purchase will be processed and authorized through Ingencio group. This Payment processing Service Company is authorized and approved to service all agencies throughout Argentina, Brasil and USA. The credit terms, interest payments, foreign transaction fees and other conditions applicable to the use of your credit cards, are solely responsibility of the credit card company or bank issuer.

10- Every ticket purchased under this type of contract (Ticket Online) and paid in advance by credit card, debit and/or any other method of electronic payment, is subject to verification by or . The bus companies or service providers reserve the right to, in case of irregularities, require the holder of the ticket (passenger), to show clear evidence of the form of payment used for purchasing the ticket, which should be shown to the Terminal authorities or an Agency representative prior to the effective provision of services. or reserve the right to cancel or refund any transaction that the company believes may be irregular, informing of the cancellation via the e-mail or phone no. provided by the purchaser at the time of purchase, either online or through our call center. or verify all and each transaction and, in case of any irregularities found, will process the cancelation of the transaction without prior warning to the buyer.

11- SERVICE CHARGE All tickets bought at or have an additional booking fee to be displayed at checkout, based on the Bus Company selected for your trip.

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