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The Itati company is one of the most traditional transportation companies in the province of Corrientes, Itati has more than 70 years of history, and it has transported several generations of "correntinos" and "formoseños" to Buenos Aires.
The long-distance bus fleet of ITATI has been renewed. All of its units have the most advanced technological features and digital accessories that the automotive market currently offers. The buses of the company have a two years old bus age average.
Itati buses are safer, more efficient, economical and ecological units, since they have a lower impact on the environment .
The ITATI company is part of a group with a strong commitment to the fulfillment of quality standards, vocation for well done services, and the permanent search of evolution and full client satisfaction.

Platinum Total Cama

180º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 180º
• Feet recliner / support
• Exclusive catering
• Champagne
• Breakfast
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Cabin crew on board
• Pillows and blankets
• Individaul LCD tv
• Wi-Fi
• Vanity Set
• Type of service: CP: Total cama CTP: Total premium cama

Semi Cama

140º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 140º
• Feet recliner / support
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Exclusive catering
• On-board movies
• Breakfast
• Type of service: Sj: with on board meal Sc: without on board meal


Among the most important destinations and routes of this company are the following: Formosa, Resistencia, Corrientes, Mercedes, Empedrado, Curuzú Cuatiá, Zárate, Campana, Talar Pacheco, Retiro, Quilmes, Cruce Varela, Solano, Burzaco, Loma Verde, Guillon, Monte Grande, Ezeiza, Barranqueras, San Roque, 9 de Julio, Mantilla, Luján, José C. Paz, San Miguel, Moreno, Villa Tesei, Moron, San Justo, Liniers, Itati, Pilar and Paso de la Patria.

Itati frequented routes and destinations