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La Veloz del Norte buses
La Veloz del Norte company

La Veloz del Norte company: Information

La Veloz del Norte is a company based in the province of Salta, it's dedicated to the long distance passenger transportation. The company has a modern bus fleet comprised of 160 units, and a large number of workers with the aim of offering its customers an outstanding and prestigious service. The company is the second largest private employer in the province of Salta.

The company staff is one of the most professional in the country, allowing La Veloz del Norte to provide quality services, with security and comfort.

Semi Cama

180º cama seat

• Reclining angle of 120º
• 48 cm wide seats
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Cabin crew on board (depending on the route)
• Refreshments
• TV and DVD player
• Feet recliner / support
• Bathroom


180º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 125º
• 55 centimeters wide seat
• Heating and air-conditioning
• On-board snack
• Cabin crew on board (depending on the type of route)
• TV and DVD players
• Feet recliner / support
• Bathroom


The most important destinations of the company are: 1-Mar del Plata Bridge, Route 2, and the following destinations: Liniers, Retiro, Santa Clara del Mar, Havanna MDQ, Mar del Plata, Pta. Mogotes, Chapadmalal and Miramar.

2- Costa Chica, localities covered: Liniers, Retiro and GBA * (1), San Clemente, Las Toninas, Sta Teresita, Mar de Ajó, La Lucila, Aguas Verdes and San Bernardo.
*(1)Gran Buenos Aires: Chascomús, Lezama, Castelli, Dolores, Gral. Lavalle, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Adrogué, Avellaneda, Sarandí, Solano, Bernal, Florencio Varela, San Miguel, Moron, Haedo and Ramos Mejía.