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Master Bus is a company from Argentina that has central offices in the city of Campana, in the Province of Buenos Aires. The company is growing at a steady pace and provides day-to-day solutions for long-distance passenger transportation services.
Since its inception (1992), MASTER BUS has managed to highlight its name in the transport market, always competing with top-tier companies with a lot of effort. Master Bus has the clear conviction that its services must be aimed towards achieving customer satisfaction, and this the company's motto.

Común - Common

120º cama seat

• Cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 120º
• Air-conditioning


Among the most important destinations of the company, we notice that their destinations are located entirely within Buenos Aires, with this in mind, we can highlight the following: San Clemente, Las Toninas, Santa Teresita, Mar del Tuyu, La Lucila, San Bernardo, Mar de Ajó, Santa Clara, Mar del Plata, San Pedro, Varadero, Zárate, Campana, Escobar, Garín, Pilar, José C. Paz, Parador Pacheco, San Miguel, Don Torcuato Center, Boulogne, Munro, Ballester, Hipódromo, Martínez , Olivos, Puente Saavedra, San Martín, Santa Brigida, Cruce Castelar, Parador Las Piedras, Parador Dover, Moreno Centro, Paso del Rey, Merlo, San Antonio de Padua, Ituzaingo, Castelar, R. Castillo, Gonzalo Catan, Laferrere 1, Vergara and Gaona, Terminal of the West (Terminal del oeste), Morón, Haedo, Ramos Mejía, Ciudadela, San Justo, Villa Celina, La Noria Bridge, Avellaneda, Alsina, Mery Lanús, Lanús Station, Escalada, Banfield, Lomas 1, Temperley, Adrogue, Luis Guillon , Burzaco Rda. Vapor, Longchamps (Center), Francisco Solano, Florencio Varela, Glew, Guernica and Alejandro Korn.

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