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San Juan Mar del Plata bus
San Juan Mar del Plata bus company

San Juan Mar del Plata company: Information

The central pillars of the company are:
San Juan Mar del Plata is a company that bets on the quality of service as a competitive strategy and always tries to satisfy the needs of its customers, seeking to continually improve itself and and develop the full potential of its people.
The main objective of the company is to make its passengers feel safe on every trip, which is why San Juan Mar del Plata it's the first long-distance transport company to certify the IRAM 3810 ROAD SAFETY standard of "Good Practices for Automotive Transport".
This commitment is assumed by everyone in the company and this is reflected in its road safety policy.

1st class suite

180º cama seat

• Comfortable leather seats
• Reclining angle of 180º
• Feet recliner / support with a reclining angle of 180º
• Privacy curtain
• Pillows and blankets
• On-board menu
• Surround sound system
• Heating and air-conditioning
• DVD and Mp3 players
• Type of service: Su: 1st class suite Sx: without on board meal

Executive Cama

Executive Cama service

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 160º
• Feet recliner / support
• Individual light
• Breakfast
• on board meal
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Cabin crew on board
• Toilet
• Type of service: Ej: with on board meal Ex: without on board meal

Semi Cama

180º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 120º
• Feet recliner / support
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Video and music players
• Type of service: Sj: with on board meal Sc: without on board meal


As the name of the company indicates, it has many destinations in San Juan and in Mar del Plata, although these are not the only provinces where the company provides services, also has destinations and services in (when dividing by provinces), the province of Mendoza, San Juan (also Villa Mercedes), Cordoba and San Luis. In Buenos Aires, it has destinations such as: Mar del Plata, Retiro, Liniers, Pergamino (to the north of the Province of Buenos Aires), El Talar Pacheco (in El Talar) and Arrecifes. Other of its routes, are in the province of Cordoba, like the popular tourist destination Rio Cuarto. Also Venado Tuerto, in Santa Fe.

San Juan Mar del Plata common routes and destinations