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The long-distance bus company Tramat has more than 50% of its units incorporated in the year 2006, most of its bus fleet has 53 passengers capacity, 9 of them in the lower deck, with bed (cama) service, and the rest of the seats are semi-bed (semi-cama) class.
As a bus company, Tramat offers an extensive network of regular departures with daily services which connect extreme points of the Argentinian territory. It's possible to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Aconcagua to the Rio de la Plata, basically is possible to travel the country (almost) completely with Tramat.

Executive Cama

Executive Cama service

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 150º
• Feet recliner / support
• Breakfast
• Pillows and blankets
• Heating and air-conditioning
• DVD and Mp3 players
• Extra wide seat
• Type of service: Ej: with on board meal Ex: without on board meal

Semi Cama

120º cama seat

• Leather / cloth seats
• Reclining angle of 120º
• Feet recliner / support
• Heating and air-conditioning
• Video and music players
• Type of service: Sj: with on board meal Sc: without on board meal


If we divide Tramat's most important destinations by province, whitin Buenos Aires destinations such as: Bahía Blanca, 9 de Julio and Carmen de Patagones.
Corrientes, Tucumán, Formosa (within the province, Clorinda), Salta, Catamarca, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe and also the capital of Entre Ríos (Paraná).
Also destinations such as the capital of El Chaco, Resistencia and the capital of Santa Fe, Rosario. The capital of Jujuy, San Salvador de Jujuy. Another destinations where Tramat offers services is the capital of Rio Negro, Viedma, as well as San Antonio Oeste (within the department of San Antonio), Las Grutas and one of the most visited and popular destinations of the Argentine Patagonia: Bariloche (full name San Carlos de Bariloche). Rio Gallegos in Santa Cruz. Other destinations are the capital of Chubut: Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Madryn and Trelew (city located in the northwest of Chubut), among other destinations of the Patagonia Argentina. Catamarca and Córdoba are two other provinces where the company provides services.

Tramat most common destinations and routes