Marketing agreements
Asociated Voyenbus companies

Bus companies in Argentina, Chile and Peru

The Mid & Long Bus Travel market in Argentina is comprised of more than 180 companies nationwide, carrying around 66 million passengers annually.

Over 5.000 bus services reach 1.600 destinations, 800 of which are cities of more than 10.000 inhabitants, 90% of passengers across the country travel by bus.

Argentinian bus companies

Bus companies in Brazil

Since October 2014 VoyenBus has been operating in the Brazilian market and we expect rapid and exponential growth.

We have trade agreements with hundreds of bus companies to transport passengers around the country, granting us extensive and significant network coverage, 95% of the total bus services are available online. These contracts ensure a continuous supply of services in the most popular destination in South America.

Brazilian bus companies

Bus companies in Spain

We provide full coverage of bus services throughout the national territory.

Spanish bus companies