What is VoyenBus.com?
What is VoyenBus.com?

The First GDS (Global Distribution System) and online ticketing software for the mid & long distance bus transportation market.

With sustained growth and a proven track record of 12 years in the market,our system of management, administration and online ticketing sales,gathers the supply from bus companies around the world and redistributes it through websites, mobile devices, wholesalers and GDS such as SABRE, Amex, Carlson Wagonlit and Despegar.com among other companies..

Transport companies and bus Terminals have chosen VoyenBus.com to develop their business units and web stores.

More than 350.000 monthly users show that our customers and suppliers trust the reliable and innovative services provided by VoyenBus.com .

VoyenBus destinations and routes

Where do we sell bus tickets

Nowadays we provide our services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, (international services) Mexico, Peru and Spain.

Soon in Italy, France, Germany, Colombia and the UK (United Kingdom).

Direct link to the Bus Companies, 100% REAL TIME ONLINE OFFER

Using API integration, our IT team connects wholesalers, OTAs, TMS, GDS to the Bus Companies long distance services and Citysightseeing Worldwide operators.

Basically, we work as an agency for the bus companies, since it is connected to the Ticketing´s Central System of each company.

VoyenBus partners and clients

Google Transit partnership

Google has info on more than 6.000 destinations operated by more than 65 bus companies reaching the main destinations in Argentina, this data is all provided by VoyenBus.

VoyenBus and Google Maps agreement means that users can access this data through their mobile or desktop apps.

Simple to use, just open Google Maps, choose starting point and destination, then select the icon ‘Transit’ at the top of the search box.

This Information Feed is available for any application that might require it, in order to inform our passengers in a more thorough and interactive way, the different journey alternatives

Partership between Google (Transit and Maps) and VoyenBus