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Why is it important to consider this service to boost sales platform of your business?

Buy a ticket, make an online payment, use Google Maps to finding out where a bus leaves from or where the arrival is, even buying accommodation, among other examples, are common activities that work through APIs.

APIs are interfaces that simplify communication between two software applications. This link makes it possible to provide mobility services to different sales channels that expand your service offer and reach the end customer with accurate, updated and real-time information managing the sale and administration efficiently. A client can choose you from anywhere, since your offer via API, ensures your arrival.


Save on IT resources

Making this type of software from scratch requires a lot of use of resources in time and money, so the most efficient is the implementation of an already existing service optimized.

It is important to connect to the Voyenbus Tol API to have all the current and future offer of bus services. Our department commercial adds companies day by day.

The entire offer of Intercity Bus Companies services is connected through of our API and reaches the end customer by being integrated by OTAS as Decolar, Sabre and Google, among others.

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Mobility companies gain freedom when planning their commercial development and Travel Agencies obtain an offer that expands their portfolio of services, through our software, tested by global clients.

This companies are connected to Voyenbus via Tol API

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