Our interface becomes your Web Agency for the direct sale of Bus Tickets
VoyenBus web business units

Web business units

This is how we started. It’s still growing strong and continues to be the way many companies choose to work with us. Some of the largest corporate groups in Argentina have incorporated VoyenBus as their business unit.

We handle the sales of bus tickets, in internet of these companies.

Our software includes, in addition to ticket sales, the following tools:
Marketing and Design
Users Administration
Credit card processing
Fraud Control

Call center tool

New call center tools for sales

We offer the use of the same tools with user management functions and validation of credit cards for tickets sales both in agencies and call centers.

Each operator may realize their own sales with their own user, send tickets and issue up to 8 bus tickets for every call.



VoyenBus system allows to change or refund the tickets online and self-managed.

Fully automated is how we think the system should work, thus, making the agent and sellers' daily work easier.


Fraud control

Our development includes fraud control and propper treatment. This is a really imporant issue for the online selling industry wich suffers constant security atacks, mostly card frauds.

That's why we have developed a work scheme over time that has allowed us to comply with the international security standards of VISA. We always have in mind the main aspects of the treatment of online validations.

We move forward strongly in each of our commercial developments.
An integral solution for emiting bus tickets online